SAGEspeed™ Custom Mice, Rats, and Rabbits

Looking for a knockout rat or mouse not included in our standard model portfolio? The SAGEspeed custom model development program is your answer. Your SAGE® Labs research specialist can work with you to design a custom model to your exact specifications, using our CRISPR/Cas9 (licensed by Caribou Biosciences) or Zinc Finger Nuclease technologies, in as few as 5 months.

Simply select the species, strain, and mutation you'd like to make, along with the service package of your choice and we'll do the rest.

Advantages of SAGEspeed:
  • Exclusive options—mice, rats and rabbits, any strain
  • F1 breeding pair delivered in as few as 5 months
  • Guaranteed germline transmission
  • Donor plasmid design, construction and validation for knock-in models
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Detailed, formal project reports

Design your model with our SAGEspeed Custom Model Builder.

Species and Strains

With SAGEspeed, you're no longer limited to just a few strains of mice. We're able to modify almost any strain in not just mice, but rats and rabbits as well. Let your research decide the model, not the technology.
Mice Rats Rabbits
C57Bl/6Sprague-DawleyNew Zealand White
FVBLong-Evans Hooded 
CBA CAFisher 344 

Project Types

SAGEspeed supports multiple project types--knockouts, knock-ins, and transgenic modifications are all at your fingertips.

Service Packages

Get a head start with one of our service packages. These packages offer a quick and convenient way to protect and characterize your SAGEspeed Custom Model.

SAGEspeed Essentials

SAGEspeed Essentials Lite


Gene Expression

Transcriptional Profile



Create Your Own

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