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Mrp1 Knockout Rat
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Nomenclature: SD- Abcc1a tm1sage
Genotype: Cryopreserved as heterozygous embryos
Product number: TGRS4270
Research Applications
  • Drug transport
  • Drug resistance studies
  • Studying excretion pathways in cancer


File size: 379.24k

This model contains a 43 base pair bi-allelic deletion within the Mrp1 gene, synonym Abcc1a (ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C [CFTR/MRP], member 1a), encoding an ATP-dependent drug transporter.


Sprague-Dawley background strain
Homozygous knockouts display total loss of protein via Western blot

  • Decreased transport of glutatione-conjugated substrates
  • Increased bioavailability of specific substrate Fluorescein

Figure 1

Additional Information

Mrp1 is a multispecific organic anion transporter that extrudes glutathione-, glucouronide- or sulfate-conjugated substrates (steroids, leukotrienes, etc.), as well as xenobiotic drugs out of cells. Mrp1 can confer multiple drug resistance to tumor cells. Absence of Mrp1 creates a functional deficiency in the cellular transport of some substrates and results in compromised inflammatory response, making this model useful for studying drug transport in inflammatory stimulus response and chemotherapeutic agents.

Mrp1 is cryopreserved. For more information on cryorecovery, please follow the link below.

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