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Balb/c Inbred Mouse
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Nomenclature: Balb/cAnNTac/Aai: BR
Genotype: Wild type
Product number: TGMBW
Research Applications
  • Antibody development
  • Cancer research
  • Infectious disease
  • Toxicology
  • Aging
  • Pharmacology

The Balb/c mouse is a popular strain and is used in many different research disciplines, such as cardiovascular, aging and pharmacological studies. Also classified as an inbred from the production of 20 or more successive brother-sister matings, the Balb/c mouse is albino and small in size.

  • Color: Albino
  • Low alcohol preference
  • Low incidence of mammary tumors
  • Resistance to atherosclerosis development when fed an atherogenic diet
  • High incidence of cardiac calcification, especially in males
  • Overall higher incidence of heart defects and spontaneous myocardial lesions of the right ventricle
  • Generally good breeding performance, with low incidence of barbering
  • Sensitivity to radiation
  • Low incidence of ovarian cysts
  • Moderate hearing loss usually occurs before one year of age
  • Average litter size of 5–7 pups and weaning occurs at 19 days of age

Figure 1. Balb/c age/weight curve

Additional Data
Recommended Diet

LabDiet #5P13 (Trudeau)

Additional Information

Origin: Taconic Farms, Germantown, NY, 1995.